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Can't buy online, in store or by phone

Whiz Kid

Can't buy online, in store or by phone

I'm not really understanding what's going on. I've literally been trying to buy an iphone online for the last 4 hours. It won't let me buy it for some reason. I have called the [***personal info removed***] number so many times now, and can't reach a live representative and the option to buy a phone only directs me back to buying a phone online or in stores, which i can't do either. All the stores that the website says sells VM iphones, dont carry them anymore. I've called over 15 stores, I've called the toll free number over 15 times, I've tried purchasing the phone over 5 times. I even contacted my bank to see if I had a hold on my account, I didn't.


Soo, I don't really know what to do at this point. How do I buy a phone?! I need it asap.


Re: Can't buy online, in store or by phone

Hello @ohhellorania. Please make that the shipping address that you are using is the same as the billing address attached to the card, and that it is not a P.O Box. Ultimately, since our systems are similar to those of the USPS, you can use this website to confirm that your address is being submitted with the proper format!input.action.