Cannot activate replacement phone sent by insurance

Whiz Kid

Cannot activate replacement phone sent by insurance

I have been a customer of Virgin Mobile since 2012 and have never had any complaints. However, I will be cancelling my phone plan with Virgin today due to the poor customer service regarding the activation on my replacement iPhone fulfilled through Brightstar Device Protection.


I lost my iPhone and filed a claim to have a new phone sent to me. The phone sent could not be activated because it is incompatible with my phone carrier. I called Virgin Mobile who informed me they would "escalate" the situation to rectify the problem and that I would receive a phone call within 24 hours.


I did not receive a phone call within 24 hours. Furthermore, when I spoke to a second customer service representative she informed me there was nothing Virgin Mobile could do to help me and that I would have to speak directly to the phone insurance company.


I used my insurance because I need a working phone and found this situation to be an impossible process because  Virgin Mobile does not aid their customers in the process, does not act as a liaison between the customer and the insurance. I find it reprehensible that Virgin Mobile customer service gives out contradictory information to its customers, dragging out an already miserable process. Especially considering I DO NOT HAVE A PHONE TO MAKE ALL THESE CUSTOMER SERVICE CALLS.


Re: Cannot activate replacement phone sent by insurance

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