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Certified Pre-Loved iPhone Warranty problems


Certified Pre-Loved iPhone Warranty problems

I purchased my Certified Pre-loved iPhone 6s Plus in November 2018. I noticed I was having problems with the phone freezing up while I was scrolling through Facebook, playing Words with Friends, looking at pictures, etc etc. I contacted Apple and was told I did not have a 1 year warranty with them, even though it says I do on the Virgin Mobile website. I contacted Virgin Mobile and they had me reset my phone. Unfortunately, this did not solve the problem. I contacted Virgin again and was told that my warranty was with Bright Star so I contacted them. The first phone call came with an escalation number and I was told to call back in 2 days. That was today. I have been on the phone for over 4 hours going between Bright Star, who stated that my phone was NOT under warranty with them, to Virgin Mobile, who told me to call Bright Star back (this happened about 4 times) to telling me to call Apple. I phoned Apple and they stated that there is NO warranty with Apple so Mariah, an Apple Supervisor  called Virgin Mobile.  Mariah and I finally got connected with a supervisor, Javier, (I was asking to speak with supervisors for the majority of my calls with Virgin and Bright Star) and now I am waiting to hear from him within 24 hours after he stated that my claim has been escalated to another department. Virgin still maintains that I have a 1 year warranty with Apple even though Apple states I do not and any repairs will cost me.  I will let you know what the outcome is whether someone will fix my phone or replace it with a new one and whether the Certified Pre-loved iPhones have a warranty and with whom.  p.s I did notice today that Virgin no longer has any Certified Pre-loved iPhones for sale. 


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Hello, TrixieR. That’s not what we like to hear. We truly apologize for the inconvenience. We're here to help! Please let us know the outcome regarding this issue.


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Hi John J7.

I am still waiting to hear back from Virgin Mobile so nothing has been resolved.

Since it has been a holiday weekend and the beginning of the New Year, I will wait until Wednesday or

Thursday and hopefully, I will hear back from VM.

I am still in touch with Apple as well and heard from them yesterday. I'm confident between Apple, myself and Virgin Mobile there will be a satisfactory resolution. I have really enjoyed being a Virgin Mobile customer for 4 years and hope to continue.

Thank you and I will post again when my problem has been solved.


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Hi JohnJ7.

I wanted to let you know that I have finally had my problem solved with Virgin Mobile.

After many weeks of calls to Virgin Mobile, Apple and Bright Star, I now have a new iPhone 6s Plus

to replace the Certified Pre-loved iPhone 6s Plus that I purchased from Virgin Mobile on 11/6/18.

On Wednesday, 1/9/19, Virgin Mobile was finally able to get my account updated so that Apple recognized my limited 1 year

Apple warranty. At the time, the Apple Superivsor I was working with (Marihia), gave me the option of taking my phone to the Apple store to have it serviced and I would be provided a loaner while it was being repaired, I could send my phone to an Apple repair dept and get it repaired though I would not have my phone for appros. 5-7 days, or they would send me a new iPhone 6s Plus to replace the Certified Pre-loved iPhone 6s Plus which I would send back to Apple (I think it's a repair/replace thing). I chose to get the new phone which came the following day.

That's when a new set of problems arose. I was unable to use my current VM sim card in the new phone. I tried to order a new sim card on the VM website, but it wasn't functioning. I even tried buying a new sim card from a new carrier but was unable to do so and was told my phone was locked.

After 2 hours today at the Apple Store which included a call to the Virgin Mobile Executive Resolution Team, I was able to get my new iPhone 6s Plus up and running and returned the Certified Pre-loved 6s Plus to Apple.

I have learned from this exhausting & frustrating experience that in order to get any type of customer service with Virgin Mobile, you need to call:
Executive Resolution/Escalation Team Call Center -- Mon - Fri: 7am - 4pm CST 844-282-821

I worked with both Shannon and Mondrell. I had the same experience with Shannon, where she said she would call me back, I ended up calling her 3 days and then she called me back a few hours later and my problem re: my Apple warranty was resolved. Mondrell stayed on the phone with me the whole time, called me another line and resolved the problem of activating my phone all on one phone call. I can't recommend highly enough, if you can't get your problem resolved by emailing and/or calling VM customer service, then definitely call the Executive Resolution Team and you will get results. Hope this helps others.



Re: Certified Pre-Loved iPhone Warranty problems

Hi JohnJ7:

I wanted to give you the latest update on my problems with the Certified Pre-loved iPhone 6s Plus that I purchased 11/6/18 from Virgin Mobile.

Unfortunately, the replacement phone sent to me by Apple did not work. Apple gave me another iPhone 6s Plus to replace the 2nd broken phone.

I was unable to get Virgin Mobile to activate the phone so I chose to cancel my Virgin Mobile account. I found through this month+ long experience with VM, that the people who work in customer service for VM, who seem like very nice people, do not give accurate information, have no follow through and do not provide any real customer service.

It is difficult after 4 happy years as a VM customer to have to switch my cell service provider and in the process, give up my phone number after approx. 25 years.

I hope my experience will be helpful for other VM customers.

Thank you, TrixieR