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Certified pre loved IPhone that never worked. Now will not unlock new phone for trip to Australia.

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Certified pre loved IPhone that never worked. Now will not unlock new phone for trip to Australia.



I just called to have my phone unlocked for a trip to Australia and was told by Roxanne ( a supervisor) in the Philippines that that I need to have the phone for 1 year before they will un lock it.  I have been a customer for years and tried to purchase a certified used phone through VM THAT DID NOT WORK FROM THE BEGINNING! I was told when I tired to purchase a replacement phone through VM that I would need it for 3 months before unlocking it. 

Below is the fiasco that VM has put me through.


7/16 told that I have an exisiting acct with VM. For Australia travel. Call VM to unlock phone, pick up Sim Card and pay plan there. 

Place old sim card in when back in US to reactivate my VM plan

Keep same plan $35 mo need to have phone 3 months to unlock. 

Purchased certified used phone from VM.


7/23  Certified iPhone not working. white Apple screen turning on and off. Cannot turn off.  Called VM. They told me this is an Apple issue and to contact Apple. Called Apple. reinstalled program through Apple. At 2300 after recharge, blinking on and off. 0700 still blinking on off, unable to turn off. Called Apple, sent instructions on how to delete information.

1 year Apple warranty (per Apple technical support, this is a VM certification not from Apple. They could not help me)

Pc to VM with Apple support on phone. They will call me back re return of phone and refund will call back by 1030 and give update.


They Tried to call Dave’s ( my husbands) phone at 1230. At doctor appt with dad.


7/24 130PM pc back to VM asking for update. Asked person to look at history as she was trying to start from the beginning.

Transfered call to Jay? To help me further.

Create a return label, need to write code on the outside of the box ?Shoulder Shipping Costs.

When I discussed that I told him that they were going to send a Shiping label. 

He came back and stated that they have already escalated the issue and will be calling me back on Dave’s phone with update, later today. Total process will take 8-10 business days. Will take ~  3 business days to send label.


7/25 shipping bag-overnight❣️

To USPS same day. Called and VM Gal that I talked to told me to call back in 72 hours for status update.


7/27 package delivered Indiana tracking # 9202090110728941532591


8/1 checked on status of refund @ 635 pm tracking # given to her 

Confirmation # of arrival is #213027480 

Called Apple and ordered a unlocked phone because VM could not refund the money in the near future and Apple would guarantee support service.


8/3New phone from Apple arrived told by VM, I was able to use existing SIM card from old phone


8/3 sim cars not compatible with current phone

Called VM $9.99 del mon or tue of following week

VM told me I could only pick up SIM card through them or Apple store. Apple - they do not carry at store in Hillsdale, Wi  (drove 3 hours to Apple store per Virgin Mobile instruction). Drove home and picked up from Best Buy La Crosse. 30 min drive


8/22 put phone refund payment for certified use phone in dispute with capital one as Virgin Mobile have not reimbursed money.

Dispute number 10003597366621 (confirmation number of dispute) $348.13


Phone call to virgin mobile after placing in dispute.

?case closed!?

Need to create a new ticket.

Tracking number.  9202090110728941532591 USPS given to Jenny ( supervisor) she again could see that the phone was returned and she will be issuing a refund. Escalated .( whatever that means) She will call me back today with update?

Discussed refund they will call me ? 8-10 days asked if that would be moved up d/t above issues.

Asked that they credit me for 2 weeks on no use she would do this today? (8/22) and charge me for less amt for September $16.08 credit? Bill $18-19 for September (call before sept 4th to see that this has happened)


5:24 PM Call back re update on refund per message on Husbands phone

? Sai, reference # 215038814

Checking status update ? Still need to check the serial number of the returned device? Discussed why they didn’t do this 1 month ago when it was returned. 

Device was returned to Indiana, phone call originating from Manila Philippines  Sai states there is a credit of $16.20 for next month September bill that will show up on the 4th

Tracking number given yet again to verify. USPS # 9202090110728941532591


Supervisor- Jenny inner circle hot line number (844)6043422

They will call back with update.

9/20/18information faxed to capital One case number 10003597366621

could not submit on iPad, link would not work. Faxed the info to Capital one


10/23 Pc to Capital One @1-800-622-2580 (5079)

Talked with Malik in disputes. 

They did receive my fax. Info from them sent to Virgin Mobile. VM has 90 days to respond to dispute. Cap one will send me a letter re status

If I have not heard anything the the middle of November, I need to Call back for update

virgin Mobile did reimburse me. I am convinced that I would still be waiting for a refund if it were not for Capital One’s help.


1/16/19 1510 called Virgin Mobile to unlock phone for Australia . Talked with Allison. She informs me that this phone must activated for 1 year before they can unlock. Discussed that I have been a customer for years and that I was told that phone must be active for 3 months to unlocked. Discussed he of problems with phone replacement and to please talk with her supervisor. States her supervisor, Roxanne, is on another phone call and she will call me back at home or cell phone case number I1721438718 given to me. 

Call is from the Philippines


Roxanne called back and stated they have strict guidelines re unlocking phones and I do not meet the criteria to unlock. Discussed all the issues that had happened and she could not help me. Requested an address  to write a formal letter and she states there is not an address that she can give me to complain.


Does good customer service exist for VM? Is this a Philippine run company or is there a US office for any follow through?


I have tried in good faith to work with VM.  And after 7 months , I am still dealing with issues. 

Leaving for Australia in 20 days. And VM answer to me is to find Wi-Fi in the outback of Australia.

So I need to purchase another unlocked phone because Virgin Mobile has no international plan and you will not unlock my phone?


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