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Device Swap Problem

Whiz Kid

Device Swap Problem

I have an android phone and I just got a new iphone 7 plus, preloved from virgin mobile website that I want to swap. On my account I've tried to swap it while keeping the same phone number. However, when I click "next" after saying that I want to keep the same phone number and confirming this by putting in my pin, the page just goes white with a red loading sign and doesn't do anything more. Help? 


Re: Device Swap Problem

Hey there, @yecy793! Thanks for contacting us. That seems to be an issue with the website. We'll report the issue to our technicians, but meanwhile, we can swap the phones for you. Please send us a private message with your phone number, pin , MEID/DEC number of your new iPhone 7 Plus and the SIM Card number that came with it. Bear in mind that, our SIM Cards are not transferable between phones and you must use the one that came with the device.