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Device swap problem

Whiz Kid

Device swap problem

Hi so I’m currently trying to activate my new phone I brought over to Virgin Mobile. I already activated the SIM card and got all the way through to the activate device/swap service part and it told me to shut off my phone, turn it on, and virgin mobile will be in the corner. Well, it’s not. And I followed the steps that were provided for this, and it stil didn’t work. I then tried to start the process over and it’s saying it doesn’t recognize my device or IMEI now. I need help. Lastly I’ve tried to call every virgin mobile customer service number on google and the message I get is automated saying that sprint has connected me to something and I need to provide a credit card and or a PIN number in order to reach my carrier company. I truly do NOT understand that AT ALL and it’s very upsetting. Please help. Thank you.

Re: Device swap problem

Hi there JuliaG0503. I am sorry about the issue you are having trying to activate your device. What type of phone are you trying to activate? Is it a Virgin Mobile device? Also, are you a new or existing customer?