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Help please ! -Cant swap my new iphone

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Help please ! -Cant swap my new iphone

I reported my white iphone 7 plus lost after that i had 60 days to get a new one . I ordered a black new iphone 7 plus that i spent 500 dollars for. So the phone comes to me great. I hit the i found another device swap phone option great. I put in the imei than my 6 digit pin than after that it goes to a loading screen leading to the next step but nothig happens it stays on the first step of activation without going any further due to loading issues on the website because i tried on different i need help urgently i been trying all night to swap and activate this phone.

Re: Help please ! -Cant swap my new iphone

Hi there, @westhegod! We received your private message. Thanks! If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let us know.