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How to Get an iPhone 11

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How to Get an iPhone 11



I would like to share how I was able to get an iPhone11 through Virgin Mobile. The process is pretty simple. 


I first purchased an "unlocked" iPhone11 from the Apple Store. I called VM customer service and advised them that I purchased an unlocked iPhone and that I needed a sim card for it. They asked what model I purchased (11, 11pro, 11proMax), then they programmed a sim card for that specific model and shipped it to me. 


Once I recieved the sim card a few days later, I called customer service and activated it as you would with any phone. The entire process was pretty easy and it seems that only a few reps are in the know so you shouldn't get mad at some of the other reps who have not been updated about the new iPhone11 process. 


VM is still the best deal you will find, and I personally wouldn't advise going with T-Mobile or Verizon because of the hidden fees you will pay each month. Take my word you will instantly regret it. I hope this helps anyone looking for an iPhone11.