ICCID Already in Use - Switching iPhone 7

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ICCID Already in Use - Switching iPhone 7

I had to switch my iPhone 7, which I purchased from Virgin Mobile in 2018, due to a defect in the phone. Apple gave me a free new device since mmy previous phone was still under waranty. They put the SIM card from the old phone into the new phone and I am now getting the "SIM Card Locked" error message when attempting to use my phone. I have tried to activate the new phone online through my account but am receiving the "ICCID already in use" error message. Please help me get my SIM card switched over from the old phone to the new one.




Re: ICCID Already in Use - Switching iPhone 7

Hi davidT. We'll be glad to help. Please, send us a private message that includes your SIM card #, phone number and PIN, so we can assist you further. To send a Private Message, click my username or picture, then click "send this user a private message". Thanks! ~AmyM25