Iphone Unlocking

Whiz Kid

Iphone Unlocking

I'm so beyond frustrated right now. I called customer service yesterday about this issue. I requested to have my phone unlocked they said it would take 24 hours but that just doesn't make sense because why can't I just have it unlocked over the phone right away. They seem to be making it increasingly more difficult and they keep saying they "submitted a ticket" and their "back office" is reviewing the unlock it just doesn't add up. I've met the requirements for my device to be unlocked but nothing is easy with this company and I do not understand. It seems that they also put down the wrong email and didn't even check with me the first time to make sure it was right like they're going out of their way to not have my phone unlocked and when she said she was going to transfer me to account services it sounded like the same exact lady on the phone so I have no idea what is going on with this company but I just want my phone unlocked right now. I don't understand this whole ticket system why can't I just have it unlocked right away on the phone?


Re: Iphone Unlocking

Hey there @hunterrburris We apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, there's a process that needs to be followed in order for the device to be unlocked. Unlock request are manage by our Back Office team, they need to confirm the device meets the requirements, and approved. Please, keep in mind that the process of the ticket can take 3-5 business days. We apologize that you did not receive the proper information or assistance.