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Iphone X activation

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Iphone X activation

My son bought an Iphone X that was previously a Sprint phone. He currently has a VM iphone 6. He was able to transfer to the new phone using the VM website but when he puts the SIM card from his iphone 6 into the iphone x it tells him it is locked and he cannot get calls. When we log into his account on the VM site it says his phone is the iphone x.  Do we need to do something else or get a new sim card?  We want to keep his same VM plan and phone number.


Re: Iphone X activation

Hi there, @jacefrank! Thank you for stopping by. You are correct, you need a new SIM as they are different models. Please send us a Private Message by clicking on my user name and at the right side of the pane you will see the option to send a private message. Include your phone and pin number so we can look into this for you.