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Locked phone w/o permission

Whiz Kid

Locked phone w/o permission

I've had the same iPhone 6+ since the day it was released.
i recently thought an upgrade would be nice, so i purchased a iPhone 8 from OfferUp. I called Virgin to check if the IMEI was unlocked. The lady i spoke with said it was. Please note, i never asked for that number to be activated, never asked for Virgin to Lock the iPhone 8. i was just checking if it eligible.
After a day with the iPhone 8 i realized that i wanted an iPhone 8+ instead because i was used to the size. I then sold the iPhone 8 to someone online, and used that money to buy an iPhone 8+, and activated it.
The person i sold the iphone 8 to messaged me saying that the phone was locked with Virgin/Sprint! I immeaditely called Virgin/Sprint asking why the iPhone 8 was locked. The lady i spoke with apologised and said they would unlock it. And it would take 24-48hr.
2 days later, the device is still locked (WITH OUT MY PERMISSION) and declined to be unlocked because "it hasen't been with us for 365 days". Inraged, i called again, excilated the phone call to a supervisor and was told the whole "sorry, will fix this" routene again.
I've called and had this happen 4 times now. While the guy i sold the phone to is waiting. Excuses so far: it hastn't been 365 days yet (again, not my mistake) and "ineligible because phone has not been activated more than 14 days". WHAT? Fix your mistake.

Before this, i was with AT&T for nearly 15yr. I got sick of the run-around and hour long, getting nowhere conversations with their "support", so i switched service to Virgin/Sprint. Now i'm getting the same run-around.

Do not give me the run around a 5th time. I didn't ask to activate the iPhone 8. I'm not even asking for compensation for the hours i've wasted on this. Just fix your mistake. Quickly please.