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Looking for honest opinions

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Looking for honest opinions

Please no canned responses or something copied and pasted from the Virgin Mobile site. I've read it a million times. It's like I can't get a straight answer to simple questions.
iPhone 7 or 7 plus Pre-Loved 128 memory. I've heard all the negative about going with certified so I'm trying to find out what exactly is covered by the 90 day guarantee? Does it cover only defective software issues? Or only issues that impede the actual use of the phone? Does it cover, for example a broken or deeply scratched camera lenses? Gouges to the screen or casing (not scratches or dings I'm talking deep grooves)? How does it cover speaker or sound issues such as bad distortion or just plain doesn't work? Also, what about a change of heart? If I get the phone and decide I just don't like it due to it looking more than slightly used and decide I want something else- is it returnable? Refundable? Store credit? Or too bad so sad?
If anyone can help answer these questions without just pasting in the same verbiage used to describe Pre-Loved phones that is already all over Virgin Mobile website and already repeated twice again in a previous post I would be truly ever so grateful. Thanks in advance!

Re: Looking for honest opinions

Hello @vickylmartinez. Our Pre-Loved 90-Day Limited Replacement Warranty provides replacement coverage for eligible Pre-Loved phones due to software, mechanical or electrical failure not caused by normal wear and tear, or damage from accident or abuse.


When you receive your Pre-Loved phone, you have 7 days to decide if you want to keep it. If you change your mind for any reason, you can contact us, return it and get a refund. For more detailed information, please call our 90 day warranty department at 1-844-834-5579 between the hours of 6:00a.m CT and 11:00p.m. CT.