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Mobile hotspot unavailable

Whiz Kid

Mobile hotspot unavailable

I just added the 10GB hotspot to my iPhone 8 Plus. After adding it I went to turn on hotspot to use it. Instead of having the option to turn it on it says Set Up Personal Hotspot. When I click it, it gives me two options. I can call or go to the website.
I called and they can’t troubleshoot my phone because I need to use another device for them to be able to troubleshoot. The problem is I don’t have another device to call from. When I tried going to the website it takes me to Assurance Lifeline (powered by Virgin) where I don’t have an account because I’m not on it.
I tried going to the Virgin Mobile website on my account to see if there’s anyway to set it up, but I can’t find anything. The only thing I found was to go to Settings, Cellular and then turn the hotspot on. Which I already know, but doesn’t help. And I have already restarted my phone multiple times to no avail.
If anyone could help, I’d be very grateful.

Re: Mobile hotspot unavailable

Hi, c3c1qntn. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We want to help. Please, send us your number and PIN, so we can investigate, and assist you further. To send a Private Message, click my username or picture, then click "send this user a private message". Thanks! ~AmyM25