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New Unlocked iphone 8 plus

Whiz Kid

New Unlocked iphone 8 plus

I would like to purcase a new unlocked iphone 8 plus from Apple due to the financing they offer but I'm a little confused  if it can be used on the Virgin mobil network -Per the compatibility page it says "most" iphone 8 plus phones will work with virgin mobil if they are unlocked "and" were previously used on a few different networks listed on the page.  What about new out of the box unlocked iphones ? It does not specify. I would check  IMEI number on the web site but I have not purchased the phone yet. 

I do know I have to order a sim card from Virgin Mobile. Seems like the iphone 8plus should work but no clear answer on the web site.


Re: New Unlocked iphone 8 plus

Hi, mwaltman! We'd love to explain this further. Existing customers are not allowed to activate unlocked devices. Only new port-in customers can activate unlocked iPhones.