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Picked my son up from college in PA today.  His phone said No service.  He cannot send/receive calls but text ok to another i-phone. Cannot text to android device.  I also have iphone and use virgin mobile.  My service was fine there.  Came home to NJ.  Still No service.  Called for help - tried a few things.  Nothing worked.  Eventually rep said there was power outage in area.  Told her this didn't make sense since happened across 2 states and my phone worked whole time.  She was insistent this was the case.  Called back and went through same steps with another rep.  Tried to get her to escalate the case.  Then she told me to wait until my next payment posted.  I have been on autopay for years.  Then she also told me no service in area.  My daughter was home and she has same phone as my son - i-phone 8 and her service is just fine.  What can we do?


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Hi there lydia_coriell. Let me help you out. Please send us a Private Message by clicking on my user name and at the right side of the pane you will see the option to send a private message. Include your son's phone and pin number.