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Phone not working!

Whiz Kid

Phone not working!

My phone is not allowing me to make calls. All other functions are working. Please advise!
Whiz Kid

Re: Phone not working!

I can't call or text,  email is fine, so is data.  This has been going on for over a week, now.  I've emailed virgin again for assistance.


Re: Phone not working!

Hi there Pattyb and vscrhoma! Our apologies for the very late reply and for the hard time you've had with the service! We'd love to help!


To investigate this further, please send us a private message including your phone number, 6-digit PIN, and your complete home address. We'll then verify if there has been a network outage in the surroundings as the possible cause of that situation!


To send us a private message, just click on the agent's username (RB-1991 in this case) and then look for the option that says "Send this user a private message".


Looking forward to your private message!


RB-1991 (Robert)

Heavy Hitter

Re: Phone not working!

Just thought I would update you on my situation in case your phone is still not making calls, and in case my information is any help to you.  So, besides posting here, I also emailed them last night.  Someone (or a bot) answered in an hour or so, with the following (then what happened with me, below, scroll down):

After reviewing your account, it shows up the service active and the 
device should be working properly. In this situation it is recommended 
to reprogram your device in order to make sure it is associated to your 
account information. In order to do that please follow the steps 
provided below, make sure the device is activated to a Wi-Fi network 
before you start with the programming: 
1. Tap Phone.
2. Tap Key Pad if necessary.
3. Enter ##873283# then tap Call.
4. When Starting Service Update screen appears, tap OK.
5. When Service Update Complete appears, tap OK.
6. The iPhone will reset.

So, I did those things (1-5), but I'm not sure whether #6 should have read "The iPhone IS reset" or "will" meant that I should witness something happening like automatic rebooting or a message bar at the top, saying "resetting" or anything, but none of that happened; after I hit OK the second time, that prompt just disappeared and the screen was still on the dialing keypad, and that was it.  I waited a minute or so and tried to make a call; nothing, same old 'call failed' business.  I rebooted the phone, still no dice.  I even did steps 1-5 again, still no good.  By the way, I had also tried the generic iPhone tips I had found from googling (turn airplane mode on, wait a few seconds, turn it back off, make sure call forwarding is off, etc.) but none of those had worked either. 
I was getting sick of it and sleepy so I went to bed.  When I woke up today, for whatever reason the calling feature simply worked like normal again.  I don't know if the #6 step just took hours to work, or if nothing I did made a difference and it was just a network issue.  Anyway, I thought I'd share this in case you're still having trouble and haven't been given these instructions to try yet.  Good luck!