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Phone now claiming it’s not activated.

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Phone now claiming it’s not activated.

About two weeks ago I activated my certified pre-loved iPhone 7 Plus. On Friday I noticed my texts stopped working. Only iMessage. I tried different steps given to me, like a hard reset, removing SIM card, dialing ##873283#, AND ##25327#. After those, my phone started saying “No service” where virgin was. ##25327# causes my phone to say it is not activated, and ##873283# always says failed. After contacting customer service, they CONFIRMED with me that my phone was activated, and I was told there was “ongoing maintenance” in my area and to observe for 48-72 hours. Why would that cause me to lose all activation on my phone?? Now I’m not getting any replies and have no phone and even missed a phone call for a doctors apt being canceled that I had to drive all the way out to find out. Please tell me there is a fix to this I can not be without a phone any longer.

Re: Phone now claiming it’s not activated.

Hello @Ellindira We apologize for the inconvenience. Please, send us a private message, so we can further assist you.


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