Virgin Mobile

Pre-Loved iPhone Order Cancelled

Whiz Kid

Pre-Loved iPhone Order Cancelled

I recently ordered a Pre-loved iPhone 7 Plus, only to find out about four hours later that my order was cancelled. It sent two emails, one saying that the order was cancelled, and the other one stating that there was a cancellation request and to call the customer service line. I called the customer service line several times, attempting to navigate it, and could not get a hold of a real person to help me. After the order was cancelled, I tried ordering the phone again after logging into my account, but it too was cancelled around four hours later. I did not request for this to be cancelled and have been running into this problem several times while trying to order a Pre-loved phone (three tries via Boost Mobile and twice with Virgin Mobile). I'm really hoping someone will be able to help me with this so that my order will finally go through and I can successfully order a phone. Thanks!


Re: Pre-Loved iPhone Order Cancelled

Hi, sw00t. Sorry to hear that you've been experiencing this. Can you please send us a private message so we can take a closer look?