Pre-loved I-phone 7 problems


Pre-loved I-phone 7 problems

I ordered my first I phone, I had a Samsung Galaxy 3, it was a great phone.  Though I would upgrade, bought a pre-loved I phone 7.  Phone was beautiful, couldn't tell it was used.  Called Virgin Mobile, got it activated, no problem.  Got text messages, no problem, even from android phones.  After 2 days, I could not receive texts from Androids unless it was in the form of a picture message.  Called Virgin Mobile 3 times, even called the Apple store.  They Apple store said the phone was operating as it should and it is a carrier problem.  I have friends who have the exact phone, just different carriers and they have no texting issues.  I have searched on the web for a solution and turned on and off just about all of the settings, updated IOS, cleared the cache,  used the subject line in messages.  Not sure what to do.  If my Galaxy 3's screen wasn't broke, I would reactivate it. 


Re: Pre-loved I-phone 7 problems

Hi EMT35. Thanks for contacting us. We want to help! Please, send us your number and PIN info in a private message, so we can assist you further. To send a Private Message, click my username or picture, then click "send this user a private message".  Thanks! ~AmyM25