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Pulling my hair out switching my phone


Pulling my hair out switching my phone

My phone died and I bought a new one. I figured I could just swap my sim and move over.  Iphone 5s to Iphone SE


I've been on the phone with 4 different reps. The first two didn't mention the possibilty that  there was a possible sim compatibility issue. The third and forth did, The third said I could only get a sim card through Virgin. The forth talkd me after I complained that I was now past the time cut off for express shipping told me I could go to a store to get the sim, but I should call them from the store to make sure what I bought was compatible. 


UGH!!! Now what am I supposed to do, and why is do none of the phone reps have the same info?



Re: Pulling my hair out switching my phone

Hey there! I truly apologize for the bad experience. I'd be happy to help you. Please send me a Private Message with your phone number and PIN to further assist you.