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Purchase iPhone 7 Plus

Whiz Kid

Purchase iPhone 7 Plus

I have been trying all day to purchase the iPhone 7 Plus (32gb, black) from the Virgin Mobile website. Every time I finish checking out I get an error message saying the order can not be processed. I have tried with multiple credit cards that have worked to purchase phones in the past from virgin mobile and always get the same message.


Additionally, I called virgin mobile and had them try to order the phone from their end, and they were not able to do it either, saying it was both my credit cards, however, as I said they have been used to purchase phones from vm before, and there is no reason the payment shouldnt go through. 


I've seen many other people with similar issues, and as there is no other store/website to buy this phone i ask that virgin mobile does something about this, because as of right now my options are to stick with my same old phone i've had, or switch providers.


Re: Purchase iPhone 7 Plus



Have you try to call your bank? After a number of failed attempts to purchase a device, the system automatically blocks you from purchasing.