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Replacement iPhone was worse than the first

Heavy Hitter

Replacement iPhone was worse than the first

I already messaged brightstar as I can't call because only phones work with my cochlear device. They sent a replacement phone with no speaker and microphone. So no calls, no sounds on videos. On calls the speaker phone option is greyed out. Hard reset, set up. As new phone. This is horrible you don't check them before they get sent out. Plus the reason I sent the other one back was battery health and found green led spots. This battery health is the same. I seriously need to make phones calls. I figured 10 days was OK. Court house isn't going to accept well i couldn't call you to access the American with disabilities info as my phone broke. I found out I can't do that online only on phone with fax. You should really check the phones your buying off people and check before you send out. Hopefully brightstar is quick at responding as I messaging you guys isn't always like a chat which makes it hard for us who are Deaf
Whiz Kid

Re: Replacement iPhone was worse than the first

Run it up and done for a week and see what it is doing, and if the battery drain time is too fast, take it back to the Apple store genius bar and have the techs test the battery.