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Returning iphone8

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Returning iphone8

Hi, I ordered my mom an iPhone 8 as a gift by calling virgin mobile on the phone since the website wasnt working.I receieved the phone in the mail with No receipt or order form. My mom doesn't want the phone and instead wants the iPhone 8 plus. The phone has not been opened. I have called virgin mobile several times and they keep telling me someone will call or email me to set up for me to return the phone but it has been days and I haven't heard anything. I spoke to someone today from virgin mobile since I called back again and she told me that virgin mobile can't send me an email with the address I have to mail the phone back but told me the address over the phone. I have no record of them telling me the address and I am worried this address isn't the correct one. Can someone please confirm the correct mailing address to send the phone back? Also, how will I know the phone gets returned to them and that I will receieve refund. I don't want to be out of $500 because I tried to return the phone.

Re: Returning iphone8

Hey there, Amose5533! If you already have an RMA number, write it on the outside of the box and send the phone to:


Virgin Mobile returns
  2675 Reeves Rd., Suite 190
  Plainfield, IN 46168


If you Don't have an RMA number, please send us a private message so we may help generate one for you,

You can send a private message by clicking on an agent's name, then selecting the message option from the profile page.