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Sim Failure - No service/phone calls

Whiz Kid

Sim Failure - No service/phone calls

I am beyond frustrated. For almost 2 months now, my phone will go in and out of service and say "SIM failure" when it goes out of service. I used to be able to reset the network and fix it, but in the past 2 weeks i need to restart my phone/network about 5 or 6 times before it works, and even then, it only works for about 30 minutes.


Virgin sent me a new SIM card, but I can't activate it. Virgin mobile is saying it doesn't recognize my MEID or IMEI numbers.


I bought my phone and SIM card from Virgin mobile in January and it worked perfect until 2 months ago. I literally can't use my phone other than for the internet.


Can I unlock my phone and go to a different provider? I am so fed up that no one can help me.

Please help!!


Re: Sim Failure - No service/phone calls

Hey they, @kimwarne! This seems to be a very frustrating situation. We'd like to help you. Please shoot us a private message as soon as possible.