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Sim card problems

Whiz Kid

Sim card problems

I swapped my old android to a byod iPhone X yesterday. When I tried to do the swap online, I kept getting the message "ICCID number already in use" so I called customer support. The agent I spoke to tried everything but my new phone contiued to say no servise, despite the fact that it was reading the sim. So the agent told me I might need a new sim and that the one I currently have was possible not compadible with the newer phone. Meanwhile, my old phone stopped working - I noticed I no longer have service on it either. So I logged into my VM account and it says my device is the iPhone X! However, I still don't have service with my current sim. I got the new sim in today and I would like to try it, but I don't know how to set up a new sim with my current phone number. Is there a way to do that online?


Re: Sim card problems

Hey there @WEM227 We apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, the Bring Your Own program is not available for existing customer. Therefore, the service will not work on the new device.