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Trouble with service on iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Trouble with service on iPhone 11 Pro Max

I’ve been with Virgin Mobile since 2016 when I first purchased the new iPhone 7 through their website. I’ve been using the same phone since and finally decided to go ahead and upgrade this year and bought myself an unlocked iPhone 11 Pro Max from Apple.
I’ve been with the phone for about a week now trying to find a SIM card that actually works with Virgin Mobile. Thought I had finally found one today but the phone would only be able to access cellular data and send/receive text messages. Phone calls would lead to a message saying my device is not activated and incoming calls would go straight to voicemail. As much as I’d love to use my new phone with only cellular data and text messaging, phone calls are really important lately and can’t afford to be missing any or unable to call anyone back. I was on the phone with support and all they could say is that this is the trouble we have to go through when not buying a phone directly from Virgin Mobile themselves. They suggested turning my phone off and on, didn’t work. Then they said I MIGHT have the wrong SIM card again and that I would have to wait until they are back in stock to send me the correct one. Thing is, I’ve been told a total of 3 times within a week that I am using an incompatible SIM card. I have been given directions to where I could find a “compatible” SIM card and even had VM send me a “compatible” SIM card but none have seemed to work.
I had to resurrect my iPhone 7 from the box in which I had buried it, because I really thought this SIM card would be the one, and reactive service on that again for now.

Just curious to know if it’s even possible to bring over an unlocked iPhone 11 Pro Max to Virgin Mobile?

Might just have to end up finding a different service that allows me to receive and make calls on my new phone, not just text and cellular data usage, because it’s a good phone and don’t think it deserves to be sent back.

Re: Trouble with service on iPhone 11 Pro Max

Hey there, @Mandopresh. We hear your feedback and we are truly sorry that you have been getting such experience with the phone.


Please be advised that due the fact the iPhone 11 Pro is relatively new, the unlocked ones may be getting this kind of issues.


Also, we are waiting on new SIM cards in our inventory that are properly configured to work well with these new models. 


We will definitely help you with a SIM card replacement once available, meanwhile, your patience is highly appreciated.