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Unable to swap phones

Whiz Kid

Unable to swap phones

I'm trying to swap my iphone 7 to an iphone X. My first problem was when I was attempting to enter the ICCID number and it said that number was already in use. Yes, it's the sim card from my iphone 7. I attempted to swap phones by calling in and following the prompts, but it said the ICCID was not compatible with my phone. This is an new, unlocked phone and the IMEI number checked out on both Virgin and Sprint sites.

I decided to go back and try again later, and now it won't take my IMEI number. It says to try to enter it again, but it still won't take the number. Also, it seems to be dropping the last digit off the number. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Haven't had this problem before when swapping phones...


Re: Unable to swap phones

Sorry to hear that mags1127. Unfortunately, we do not have a Bring Your own device program for existing lines.