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Thanks for the heads up, Olyvialw! We’re looking into this. Can you please send me a private message with your phone number, PIN number and IMEI of the devices you will like unlocked?


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Guess I'm not the only one having issues trying to unlock an iphone I bought from Virgin Mobile.  Doesn't seem to matter that I paid for it in full.  Or that I meet the Inner Circle requirements for unlocking.  I've tried three different times in the past two weeks to get my phone unlocked and each time after waiting two days, I get an email from Sprint that says my phone can't be unlocked because it isn't on an account.  --  I don't understand how my phone isn't on the account.   Multiple agents seem to find it on my account just fine.  


A few moments ago, a guy from VirginMobile told me that I needed to wait a reasonable time for my request to be reviewed.  I guess three attempts over 2 weeks time isn't reasonable from thier perspective. 


Lesson learned:  Don't do business with Virgin Mobile.  Or Sprint.


Re: Unlock iPhone - Inner Circle

Sorry to hear that, George2. Let's do some investigating. Please send us a private message with the account phone number, pin code, and the IMEI.