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Unlocking New IPhone

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Unlocking New IPhone

I recently switched from using my old iPhone 6s Plus (purchased from Virgin Mobile) to buying a new iPhone XS Max (also from Virgin Mobile). I’ll be leaving for Europe in about two weeks and I need to be able to switch my Virgin Mobile SIM card out for another one (since I need data and SMS abroad).
I’ve been seeing conflicting reports about whether Virgin could unblock your iPhone. Some support agents have said that the time is 14 days after activation, others say that the phones are already unlocked, and some say that it is a year after you purchase the phone. Can someone clarify what the timespan is, and also assist me with unlocking my phone?

Re: Unlocking New IPhone

Hey there @michaelnj1 We apologize for the inconvenience. Are you part of the Inner Circle? If you're part of the Inner Circle, and the device was purchased during these dates 6/21/17 - 9/28/17 or 11/17/17 - 8/28/18, your device can be unlocked within 14 days.
If not, the device needs to be active during 365 days in order to qualify for the unlock.