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Upgrading to iPhone 8 Plus with Legacy Plan

Whiz Kid

Upgrading to iPhone 8 Plus with Legacy Plan


I'm looking to upgrade to a new iPhone 8 Plus, but I do not want to participate in the Inner Circle Plan, as my grandfathered legacy plan seems to fit my needs better. I currently have an iPhone 5S. Since most SIM cards are tied to the phone they are used in, I realize I can't just pop my old SIM card out and put it in the 8 Plus when I get it. Here's my question:

-Is there a way for me to get a new SIM card for my new iPhone without having to switch to Inner Circle? I don't mind paying for a new SIM card if I have to. 

-Can I buy the unlocked iPhone 8 Plus directly from Apple to use on Virgin Mobile or do I need to wait to buy it after Virgin Mobile starts offering it on their website?



Re: Upgrading to iPhone 8 Plus with Legacy Plan

1) getting a sim card is simple--the Apple Store provides them on request and they can also be purchased from a number of sources.  Three different models work: a)SIMGLW436C, b)SIMOLW416C and c) SIMOLW506C.  So getting a sim card is not linked to joining the Inner Circle.  Using the phone on Virgin Mobile is apparently contingent on using the Inner Circle.


2) the sim free (unlocked version) certainly is technically capable of operating on Virgin Mobile but that is not the important thing.  The key issue is whether Sprint will allow it to work on Virgin Mobile, at least initially.  There is no way to know that in advance since the issue is one of whether the IMEI is whitelisted or not.


If you want absolute certainty, the safest course is to wait until Virgin Mobile announces its policy.


An alternative approach would be to obtain the phone and sim from Apple and see if it can be activated on Virgin Mobile.  That can be done without opening the box.  If activation is not possible, the phone could be returned within 14 days for a refund/sold/or used elsewhere.



Whiz Kid

Re: Upgrading to iPhone 8 Plus with Legacy Plan

Okay, so now that they have announced the 8 Plus, does that mean I will HAVE to use the inner circle plan when I order a new phone through Virgin?


Re: Upgrading to iPhone 8 Plus with Legacy Plan

Hey there, @eleavitt3! We truly apologize for the late reply!


If you have a Data Love plan, you can upgrade to the latest iPhone models while keeping the same Data Love deal.


When you are ready to make the upgrade after having bought the new iPhone, please let us know.


We'll be pleased to serve you!


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