bring your own iphone moving from Verizon

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bring your own iphone moving from Verizon

My son is currently on my Verizon plan.  I will be buying him a new iphone from apple, and want to switch him over to Virgin and keep his old number.  Do I have to buy the phone with a Verizon sim THEN buy a Virgin sim and switch, or can I buy the phone from apple (do I buy unlocked or Sprint?)  and then you can help me  keep the number?  Also, what is the timing of cancelling Verizon Service and moving the number over to Virgin?  I would love it if Virgin had a step by step guide to moving from one carrier to Virgin.

(I cannot buy the phone from Virgin, iphone8s are out of stock)



Re: bring your own iphone moving from Verizon

Hi there sandyandy. You may purchase an unlock iPhone from Apple directly ensuring that it is SIM slot unlock. Then once you get the phone you go here and order the SIM and choose your plan and other account info by following the prompts. If you have any other question or concern please let us know.