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iPhone 11 from virgin store - It won't activate!

iPhone 11 from virgin store - It won't activate!

I bought an iphone 11 from the online virgin store and have had a huge headache trying to activate it! When I first tried to activate it I was told I needed to buy a new sim card and not use the one that came with the phone. That would have been nice to know before ordering the phone *from virgin mobile* but I did what I was told. Now that I have the iphone 11 from virgin mobile and the sim card from virgin mobile, the darn thing still won't activate! My account says the phone is activated, but I can't make any calls right now, there is no data and no sms. 


I tried calling the support number from the online activation steps and it told me that number was invalid and gave me a new number to call. I then called that number and the guy didn't listen to me, wouldn't let me say anything really, and transferred me to another place? I think apple? The whole thing went by so fast I'm not even sure. 


What do I need to do to sort this out?!


Re: iPhone 11 from virgin store - It won't activate!

Hello, @bigbeninthehaus. Thank you for stopping by. We're sorry to know you're having issues with the service. Could you please send us a private message to further assist you? We'll be waiting for your response. Remember, we're here to help. -Kira_M.