iPhone 7 Issues

Whiz Kid

iPhone 7 Issues

I ran into an issue with my iPhone 7 contantly losing service even when I was in an area where service was generally strong.  I started looking into it and Apple had an issue with a part on a logic board.  I have insurance but it would have cost me nearly $200 to replace the phone and Apple was covering it for free.  I went to the Apple store and they shipped it out, fixed it, and I picked it up today.


The only thing that changed was the phone's serial number. Which Apple told me I would most likely need to contact VM to let them know so there weren't any issues.  I cannot make any phone calls/texts/etc.  So I just called and they tried walking me through and troubleshooting.  The problem I am having is that nothing worked. I was supposed to receive a call within 30 minutes of talking with the agent because he was going to try a couple of other things.  My phone is useless and at one point the service agent mentioned that I would need to purchase a new SIM card because it was linked to my old phone (which is the basically the same phone I want to put it in other than a new battery and logic board).  Why should I purchase a new sim card? Apple made a product with a defect.  They fixed it.  Your system apparently can't support putting a SIM card into the same phone it was taken out of.......your move Virgin Mobile.


Re: iPhone 7 Issues

Hello Stever915. Definitely wanna look into that for you. In our network, the account is not transferred when you switch the SIM from one phone to the other. In this case, we would need to activate your new IMEI. We can help with that. Please send us a private message so we may work directly with you.


You can send a private message by clicking on an agent's name, then selecting the message option from the profile page.