iPhone 7 Plus NOT WORKING

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iPhone 7 Plus NOT WORKING

Purchased a pre-loved Iphone7 plus phone not even a week ago. Phone audio board is Not working. I cannot hear caller or place calls because they cannot hear me.  I’ve been a Virgin Mobile customer for years and trying to get another device has been a Nightmare!!!!


Virgin tells me to contact Apple, Apple to contact Virgin, Virgin contact BrightStar. BrightStar tells me I’m not in their system that I have to wait 24-72 hours. I’ve been dealing with this sht for 4 days, hours on the phone each day trying to get a resolution and Nothing. 


Virgin customer care reps are nice on the phone but they need to be throughly trained on dealing with these issues. I got one girl that was not knowleadable about iPhones at all. Another that kept telling I’m gonna try to help ...no don’t try, just HELP me! Another time, I asked for a Supervisor (waited forever) got Anne and she blind transferred me to BrightStar. I’ve been more than patient but had enough. 

No one wants to help and im so tired hearing constantly, I’m sorry Ma’am BS. 


I went to Apple, another waste of my time for them to run a diagnostic and tell me that the audio board is defective. 

I need another phone, that’s it! Is that so F hard for you guys to understand? Apparently, it is.


Last guy I talked to Raul, asked him for a refund bec Apple said get a refund so you can purchase another phone. So I asked Raul when am I getting the other phone and he just went on and on about that I had asked for a refund not a replacement. OMG, here we go again.

As a customer service rep, it is your duty to also probe the customer, instead he went on and on about how he started the refund process and that he had to cancel it. That I had asked for a refund not a replace the. Told me this like 3 times. This was about another 40 minute call without any resolution.  He transferred me to BrightStar, after waiting, I was disconnected.


I called BS, (BrightStar) and again once they answer you gotta start the whole spiel again, by this time I’m totally drained and angry dealing with crap for Days! 

They are finally going to send me a mail return slip, they emailed me the shipping label, which btw I cannot open.  It says, File Not Found.   It’s just gets better and better huh!

So now, they are going to mail me the shipping label, it will take 3 days for me to receive.  Another 7-10 days for them to process the order and get another phone. 

In the meantime, I’m gonna without a phone probably 2 weeks. If you’re thinking of getting a pre loved phone, which there’s not anything lovely about it, think again. Especially if it doesn’t work.


Not sure why if it’s an Apple product they don’t run it through Apple diagnostic first before sending to the customer. This whole Experience has been a Nightmare. If I’m hear I’m sorry BS again, I’m gonna puke.

You guys need to get the ball rolling and have your reps and supervisors become more knowledgeable on being honest to the customer and provide one call resolution.

I take care of my elderly mom, use the phone for work, wasted 4 days on this issue and now I have to wait 2 weeks to get another one that I really hope works.

Very frustrated with the way Virgin has handled this situation. Not happy at All.

Maybe get a new phone or use another provider. 


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