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iPhone 7 constantly selling out

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iPhone 7 constantly selling out

Tonight is the second time I have gone to purchase the iPhone 7 black 128GB and it sells out while in my cart. This is very frustrating and I do not understand why they keep releasing the phones in small batches when they obviously have more. 


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Re: iPhone 7 constantly selling out



We understand your frustration. Due to the high demand of the iPhone 7, we have encountered some stock issues. At this time, our Sales Team is working hard to replenish the iPhone inventory as soon as possible.


We apologize for the inconvenience!


iPhone 7 Availability

This question is for Virgin Mobile USA:


When can we expect the availability of the new iPhone 7 line?


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Whiz Kid

Re: iPhone 7 Availability

I just talked to a representative here in the U.S. No information yet. Guesstimation is around October for Virgin to carry the iPhone 7. Keep checking the Virgin Mobile website.

Whiz Kid

Re: iPhone 7 Availability

NEW INFORMATION: The iPhone 7 will be available on Virgin Mobile's website on September 16, same day as Apple announced. Smiley Very Happy

Whiz Kid

Re: iPhone 7 Availability

Can I assume if I preorder an iPhone 7 late tonight from Apple, when I get it on the 16th I should be fine to set it up with Virgin? Because I'm thinking that's my plan at the moment. Already a customer but if I have issues, well I suppose there's other prepaid carriers.

Re: iPhone 7 Availability

Nice, thanks for looking into it! Marking my calendar...


iPhone 7/iPhone 6s availability

When the iPhone 7 becomes available on virgin mobile will the iPhone 6s/plus still be available in storage sizes other than 16 GB?


Want to purchase a iPhone 6s Plus 64 GB but am waiting to see if there will be a price drop...but don't want to wait and find out that it won't be available once the 7 is out and have missed my chance on getting one.



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Re: iPhone 7/iPhone 6s availability

I can't tell you if there will be a price drop in the 6s, but to my knoweldge we do not have plans to stop selling them.  I think it will be based on availability.


Out of Stock

How quickly are iphones usually restocked? Just went to buy one and it was gone Smiley Sad


Re: Out of Stock

Hey! Sorry about a delayed response!


Just checking back daily early in the morning. 


-VMU Nerd Josh

-Josh the Virgin Mobile Expert