iPhone SE Upgrade - 8 or XR?

Whiz Kid

iPhone SE Upgrade - 8 or XR?

Hi everyone, I’m hoping you all can provide me with some thoughts/opinions regarding my phone situation.

I currently have an iPhone SE. I’ve had the SE for the past 4+ years, and I love it mainly because of the size (Easy to hold in one hand, not too bulky in pockets, etc.).

Like most phones after 4+ years, it is starting to show its age. As such, I am looking at new iPhones. As much as I love the SE, staying relevant with recent HW upgrades is also important to me. I also recognize that technology is improving at a faster pace and I don’t want to get left behind.

I’m currently deciding between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone XR. I’ve heard non-stop great reviews about the XR, but the size difference between the SE and XR is pretty intense, which does concern me. However, I’ve also heard that, like the gesture controls, it’s something you quickly learn.

I primarily use my phone for work, health, social media, streaming, and games. I don’t anything too serious with it (ie shoot professional grade film or photos).

Any thoughts, opinions, recommendations, warnings, etc. will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!