iPhone XR not sending SMS

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iPhone XR not sending SMS

I activated a new iPhone XR two days ago and I am unable to send text messages (SMS) to Android users. I seem to be reviving text messages from some Android users. I have restarted my phone and made sure SMS messaging is turned on etc. Help!

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We’d be glad to help you out with this, Meljmor! Please try to send a text message with a subject name for the message instead of leaving it empty.

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Re: iPhone XR not sending SMS

Go into settings, Cellular, Cellular Data Options and turn off "Enable LTE", than you can text to Androids. Another option I came up, which Virgin is now telling everyone to do, is to go into Settings, Messages, turn on "Show Subject Field". Then always enter a subject and a body into your text when texting to Androids. This does not always work, especially to automated systems.


Both workarounds really suck but Virgin will not admit this is their problem or fix it and it's been going on for months. Apple said it's a carrier issue.


Good luck.


Re: iPhone XR not sending SMS

There seems to be a few threads regarding this issue (which I'm expericing as well). I'm copying my post from another thread in an effort to push for a fix:


Working in IT, it's laughable to see all of the support reps plugging the same BS responses over and over, when folks are clearly describing the issue & what they've done in an attempt to resolve it.


I'll try to outline as many details of my issue as I can, to avoide such a generic response. Here goes:


I bought my iPhone XR through Virgin Mobile's site directly, about two weeks ago. Everything with getting the new device configured & activated was flawless. Immediately after activating the new phone (transferring my service from a VM iPhone 5s), I tested calling & texting. However, the initial text I sent was via iMessage (blue-colored)... so it went through (over LTE). Since the initial activation, I've been able to RECEIVE non-iMessage SMS messages (green-colored) just fine. I discovered that I could not SEND non-iMessage texts just the other day, nearly two weeks after purchasing the new iPhone XR (it was one of those "reply 'yes' to accept" texts). If I try to, it immediately says "Not Delivered" with a red exclamation mark.


Reading through this thread, I tried all of the suggested solutions & found that I can only send non-iMessage (SMS) messages when the following conditions are met:


"Enable LTE" is OFF under Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options


"Show Subject Field" is ON under Settings > Messages (keep in mind you need to put in ANY character in the subject field, even a blank space, for the message to be successsfully sent)


In my opinion, the subject field workaround is the better option, as that does not limit your data speeds. That being said, it's been nearly 3 months since this issue was first discovered by VM users, and it's dragging on to this day. The majority of my contacts use iMessage, so this isn't as detrimental of an issue to me as it is to other users in this thread, but I figured I'd take the time to inquire when Virgin Mobile foresees this being fixed?


I've been a VM customer for over 5 years now, and I'm in the "VIP" program. This issue is affecting Apple's flagship phones. I paid $700 for this new phone. I expect that when I send a text message, it will go through. I did not see any other carriers expericing this issue. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, VIRGIN MOBILE!


Re: iPhone XR not sending SMS

Instead of replying to my post, you went ahead & deleted it. Top notch customer service there.

Stop trying to beat around the bush and just admit it's a known issue on VM's side and when a potential fix can be expected.

That's really not much to ask for, after spending $700 on a new phone for your service...


Re: iPhone XR not sending SMS

Hey there! We're concerned about your feedback. Please give us the opportunity to turn your experience into a positive one. Please send me a Private Message with your phone number and PIN. 


Re: iPhone XR not sending SMS

After being issued & replacement SIM card for my iPhone XR & getting it swapped & activated, I am pleased to report that I can now send SMS messages over LTE!  All other features - calling, iMessage, FaceTime, etc. - continue to work without issues.  Something I noticed after installing the new SIM is that the network/carrier under Settings >> General >> About now indicates "Virgin" -- it said "Sprint" with the factory-installed SIM card.


For anyone else expericing this issue (unable to send SMS messages, but all other features work, including receiving SMS, and sending/receiving iMessages), I'd suggest requesting a replacment SIM card from Virgin Mobile -- especially if your network/carrier says "Sprint" in your iPhone's settings.  Good luck!