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iPhone activation stuck

Whiz Kid

iPhone activation stuck

So I have been with Virgin Mobile for about 3 years now. I recently bought an unlocked iPhone 7. I bought a sim card for it and I'm trying to activate it while keeping my phone number (so basically I want to swap phones). I go to the activation site, enter the phone information and sim card info. Then I get to where you choose to keep or get a new number. I chose to keep my number and entered my account pin. The activation seems to have gotten stuck here because now after clicking next I'm stuck on a white page with a red loading circle. It's been half an hour and it's still stuck on this screen. Is there anything I can do about this? I just really want to get my new phone activated.

Re: iPhone activation stuck

Hello, Jessi_Luna! We're sorry, unfortunately, the Bring Your Own phone program is not available for existing customers at this time. You may need to activate it with a new number.