scammed me out of $200 and a working phone

Whiz Kid

scammed me out of $200 and a working phone

I ordered a pre-loved phone, when I got it, it didn't work. The speakers were broken. I sent a request on their form the day after I received the phone and heard nothing back. I waited 24 hours and sent another request on their online form. Again, I was ignored. Finally, a few days later I sent an email through my own email. They told me I was already outside the 7 day period and could not get a full refund. I have called and sent many messages and still no refund. Convenient how they "can't find" the two requests I sent through their form. When I started a text chat the agent kept saying "send proof you did this," or "check our refund policy, you are now outside the 7 day refund period." Anyone else have this issue? I am currently in the process of switching phone carriers because of this since they sent me a broken phone and will not refund me over $200.


Re: scammed me out of $200 and a working phone

Hello, @bnnbrg. We apologize for this experience. Definitely want to look into this for you. Please send us a PM with your phone number and PIN. You can send a private message by clicking on my name, then selecting the message option from the profile page.